Download e-book for kindle: A Commentary on Horace: Odes by R. G. M. Nisbet

Download e-book for kindle: A Commentary on Horace: Odes by R. G. M. Nisbet

By R. G. M. Nisbet

ISBN-10: 0199263140

ISBN-13: 9780199263141

This observation takes serious account of modern writing at the Odes. It offers with unique questions of interpretation, and indicates how Horace mixed the tact of a court-poet with a humane individualism, and the way he wrote inside a literary culture with out wasting a hugely own voice. even though the e-book isn't meant for newcomers, the editors goal all through at readability.

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W. D. Lebek, ANRW II. 31. ; G. J. ; V. Po¨schl, HSCP 63, 1958: 333 ff. ¼ Horazische Lyrik edn. ; E. T. Silk, YClS 13, 1952: 145 ff. ; F. Solmsen, AJP 68, 1947: 337 ff. ; T. Woodman ap. ] 1–8. Let the uninitiated depart; I am teaching new chants to a fresh generation. Know that even dread kings must fear the rule of Jove. 9–16. Men compete in landed wealth and political advantages, but high and low alike are subject to Fate. 17–24. The overweening cannot enjoy their luxury or be lulled to sleep even by music, but sleep does not disdain lowly dwellings and a shady valley.

Plut. de virtute et vitio 100d ŒÆd ðåíßÆí ŒÆd ıªcí ŒÆd ªBæÆò KºÆæHò ŒÆd ðæïóçíHò . . ÝæïıóØ. pati with an adverb means ‘accept’, ‘take’ (OLD 4), like ferre. Bentley argued that the adverb was superfluous (yet note Nep. Epam. 3. 4 ‘paupertatem . . -Acro ‘hanc oden ad amicos generaliter scribit’), but such an address would not suit the Roman Odes. Shackleton Bailey, who obelizes, suggests et aeque (the first two letters of amice could be a dittography after angustam); he explains ‘aeque et condiscat pauperiem pati et Parthos vexet’.

1. 14 with N–H, epod. 2. 6). The tumult of the sea (cf. 3. 29. 63) is mirrored by the agitation of the merchant’s mind (cf. 2. 16 10, Stat. silv. 2. 2. 28); Shorey quotes The Merchant of Venice 1. i. ’ 27–8. nec saevus Arcturi cadentis / impetus: Arcturus, the brightest star in Bootes, was often associated with bad weather; cf. Perses, anth. Pal. 7. 539. 1 f. ˇP ðæïØäþí, ¨åüôØìå, ŒÆŒcí äýóØí •åôßïØï = ÚæŒôïýæïı 1 . O D I P RO FA N V M V V L G V S 15 (with Gow–Page, HE 2895), Plaut. rud. 70 f. ‘nam Arcturus signum sum omnium acerrumum: / vehemens sum exoriens, cum occido vehementior’.

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