Download e-book for kindle: A Basic History of Art by ANTHONY F. JANSON' 'H.W. JANSON

Download e-book for kindle: A Basic History of Art by ANTHONY F. JANSON' 'H.W. JANSON


The main thorough, cogent, and lavishly illustrated survey of artwork within the Western culture, Janson's historical past of paintings has now been thoroughly redesigned and up to date to make it the final word visually and intellectually fascinating source for at the present time. Timelines; thesaurus; bibliography; index. 1,266 illustrations, greater than 775 in complete colour.

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Modern survivors of the Neolithic are far all • 37 the so-called is- lands of the South Pacific, and the Americas. is a somewhat unfortunate word: suggests— quite wrongly— that these so- "Primitive" it cieties represent the original and has thus come human condi- be burdened with many conflicting emotional overtones. The term "ethnographic" will serve us better. It stands for a way of life that has passed through the Neolithic Revolution but shows no signs of evolving in the direction of the "historic" civilizations.

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