Get 2061: Odyssey Three PDF

Get 2061: Odyssey Three PDF

By Arthur C. Clarke

ISBN-10: 0345413989

ISBN-13: 9780345413987

"[Clarke] is still a grasp at describing the wonders of the cloth universe in sentences that mix a admire for medical accuracy with a frequently startling lyricism."
 *The big apple occasions publication Review

Fifty years after assembly the spirit of Dave Bowman aboard the deserted Discovery and witnessing the fiery transformation of Jupiter into Earths moment sunlight, 103-year-old Dr. Heywood Floyd forums the luxurious spaceship Universe for the ancient first touchdown at the floor of Halley's Comet.

At a similar time, the Galaxy excursion units out to probe the evolutionary upheaval on Jupiter's former moon Europa haunted by means of the destiny of a doomed chinese language undertaking and through the ominous message from area: "All those worlds are yours *except Europa. try out no landings there. "

As the stranded Galaxy awaits rescue at the risky and forbidden floor of Europa and Universe races to her relief, the omniscient strength that's Dave Bowman watches *and waits to bare the extreme secrets and techniques of the monoliths, of the masters he now serves, and of mankind's final position during cosmic heritage . . .

"[Clarke] is, in any case, the poet laureate of the distance Age. he's at his top making the reader believe . . . that it really is these desires that at last come real which are the simplest desires of all."
 *Los Angeles Times

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But he never solved the mystery of the luminous glow. Though the problem was swiftly overshadowed by the drama that was now unfolding, the sense of a missed opportunity would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life. Though he was occasionally tempted, he never mentioned it to any of his colleagues. But he did leave a sealed note for the next expedition, to be opened in 2133. ' said Mihailovich gleefully, as Floyd hurried to answer the Captain's summons. ' 'He'll grow it back on the way home,' snapped Floyd, who had no time for such trivialities at the moment.

There was one pistol shot, then a long silence.

But what can we do? We're on the other side of the Solar System. ' 'Much lower energy mission. Oh, they could just manage Europa, but with negligible payload. ' Floyd scarcely heard the Captain; he was still trying to assimilate this astonishing news. For the first time in half a century – and only for the second time in all history! – a ship had landed on the forbidden moon. And that prompted an ominous thought. ' 'I was wondering about that,' said the Captain glumly. ' 'That's the first thing that occurred to me.

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